A beginner’s guide to selling your first property

A beginner’s guide to selling your first property

Selling a house can seem like a mammoth task, especially to someone who hasn’t sold a property before.

If you’d like to be more clued up on how to sell, then we’ve got just the advice you need.


The first step is to decide how you are going to sell your property. The options are: through a high street estate agency, an online estate agent, by yourself or through a quick-sell provider. What avenue you go down is dependent on you and your situation. If you decide to go through an estate agent it is important you trust the agent you are instructing and they have good reviews. The process of selling your house can be long and drawn out so you want to make sure you have an agent you get on well with.


In order to sell your home, you will need to get your property valued in order to set a sale price. This can be done through a local estate agent or online valuation company. A valuation will give you a guide and recommended price, but ultimately it is your decision. It’s always important to remember to keep stamp duty brackets in mind, the buyer will be taking this into account and ultimately, they will want to be in the lower brackets. It is also good to go higher than the minimum amount you are willing to sell for, to give yourself a buffer for lower offers.


If viewings are taking place on your property, it is sensible to spruce up your house and make sure it’s always looking its best. If you can it is beneficial to give your house a fresh coat of paint, or patch up any marks on the wall – it goes a long way. Light and neutral colours are known to attract prospective buyers, as well as lots of natural light, so make sure to keep the windows clear of furniture, and open the blinds and curtains. Mirrors are also a great way to make rooms look more spacious.


Solicitors are expensive but are vital for the selling process to register the buyer as the new legal owners. Their experience in buying and selling property is invaluable and can take away a lot of stress and pressure for someone who has never been through the process before.


The conventional selling process through estate agents is very much a waiting game. While you may have initial interest, offers can easily fall through so it’s wise to try not to get too excited when you receive an offer. There is still a long process that follows and until you exchange, you’ll never really know if the sale is going to go ahead.

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