Interior Design On A Budget

Interior Design On A Budget

If you’re looking to redesign your home but you’re on a tight budget, do not fear, you can transform your home at a fraction of the cost if you plan well and know what you’re doing.

You can be surprised that there are many things you can do to change the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank – all you need to be is a little creative. Sometime the simplest solutions can be the most impressive and give a big impact to anyone who walks into your home.

Add colour

A splash of colour transforms in an instance. It’s quick and easy to repaint a wall and an inexpensive solution and to give your home a lift.

You can either make a feature out of a single wall with a vibrant, bold colour, or you could go lighter all over.

This will breathe a breath of fresh air throughout your home.

Bold colours tend to make a room feel a little smaller, so choose your colour well. While light colours give the sense of airiness and more space.

Choose good lighting

Lighting can have dramatic effect in your home if you choose the right type for the right room. Soft lighting for ambiance, bright lights for working. If you’re too keen on changing the lights themselves, you could opt for changing the shades – perhaps choose a different colour to match your newly coloured walls. Move your lamps around the room to see what different atmosphere you can make – you’ll be surprised at what affects you can make just with this simple touch.

Make the most of mirrors

Mirrors can transform a room, make a room lighter or more elegant, create style and add light, and best thing is you can find inexpensive mirrors in most home stores. You can choose different size mirrors to fit various rooms and they don’t have to match! They don’t take up room either, so if you’re in a smaller home, this will actually make your place feel bigger rather than smaller.

Add some greenery

Plants can bring a breath of fresh air to any home and if you currently have quite light or white colours on your walls, you’ll be giving it a splash of colour at the same time.

If you’re not green fingered, don’t worry, you can go for fake – and they look so realistic that no one will ever know!

Depending on the size of your home, you could go for small pot plants around the fireplace or kitchen windows sills, to larger pot plans or small trees in the hallway or lounge. Be adventurous, having plants in the house can be a challenge, but fun.

Change the kitchen units

You may not have the funds to be able to have a new kitchen installed, however changing the door fronts and handles can transform your kitchen completely. There are a few options but most popular would either be to sand or paint the cupboards doors, giving them a fresh new look. You could go darker (if your kitchen has space) or lighter to create the feel of more space. Another option if you have funds, is to replace the door fronts. You can find these in local DIY stores and are simple to fit.

Once you have transformed your doors, you can also replace the handles with something more modern or elegant to finish the look.

Just with these simple changes, you will give the impression that you a brand-new kitchen fitted.

Hang pictures

Hanging pictures is a great way to cover large wall spaces or bare walls. This is a great way to get creative and use a variety of pictures – family photos, art, local scenery – in a mix-match of sizes to give a new look to the room.

Rearrange the furniture

Have you ever tried to rearrange the furniture just to see what difference it can make? Often just moving items around in a room can make the room look different and give you a new feel to any room. You can bring in natural light by moving furniture away from the window, you can feel warmth by focusing around the fireplace, or create a play area by allocating a certain area for toys.

Finding new angles, doesn’t cost anything but can make the world of difference.


You may not have enough money to buy a whole new three-piece suit, but there’s always the choice to recover your current chairs. Another chance to get creative and to choose new colours or patterns. Ready to be daring! Simple changes can have big impact.

If you’re not one for sewing, why not think about throws to go on the sofas? Varying in different colours and patterns, this can brighten and lighten a room and make it a fun or cosy place to be in.

Whatever you want to achieve in your home, there is a way to achieve in on a budget. If you’re happy to get creative and be spontaneous in what you do, you can transform your home on a budget with ease.

Use local home stores to get inspiration. Take a look through interior design websites. And most of all, let your inner most creativity loose and make your home a ‘new home’, where you can feel happy and comfortable and not worry about spending lots to redesign it all.


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