Landscaping Your New Home

Landscaping Your New Home

So, you’ve moved into a new property, you’ve made all the renovations and improvements on the inside – it looks absolutely beautiful and you’re very happy with what you have produced but the time has now come to make improvements to the outside of the property, ready to use for the summer months to come.

Think of all the family moments, time with friends and extended child’s play in the garden you can have if your landscaping is right and the atmosphere is set ready for that to happen.

Where do you start?

It comes down to two things, what would you like to see in your garden and what will your space allow you to have / or do?

For example, if your property is on a hill and you’ve got a three-tiered back garden, designing a long flat garden with grass and a pond in the middle is probably not the best way to go. It’s about being realistic and working with what you have, but being able to love and enjoy whatever you create.


First off you need to plan. This is more than just a drawing, it’s goes deeper into a thought-out action plan which includes the design. From here, what materials do you need, what outside help will you need? Gaining advice from a professional will also help with knowing what’s right for your property and whether it’s a viable design that’s doable and manageable.

Your plan will be attainable if you are willing to invest into the project. However remember that if you are on a budget or have used more of your funds on the inside of the property, money may not be as free-flowing as you’d like. Work around this and plan your budget around realistic figures.

Do you need permission?

This is worth checking before any plans are set in stone. Restrictions differ widely between areas and always a good idea to check with the local council if you are thinking about making big changes to your garden. This is especially a good idea if you live near a conservation area.

Put your plan into action

Now you’ve got your designs flowing, you’ve spoken with outside help and you’re ready to get started, it’s time to put your plans into action.

If you’re a handy-person and can put your skills to good use, you will save money by doing the work yourself. You may only be physically be able to do a portion of the work yourself if it requires specialist tools or skills however try to do as much as possible to stick to your budget. Plan out each stage of the process and what you hope to have achieved at the end of each stage.

Research material costs and compare prices.

If you going to tackle the whole job yourself, there are many books and online tutorials available to help you get started, along with garden centres and builders merchants where people are happy to help and advise.

The specific details

The soil: if you excavate your foundations you can save the soil to create other features in the garden. You can create a separate pile of all your topsoil to use later on when you are ready.

Indoor scheme, outside: If you’ve created a theme or scheme inside your property, you could allow that to spill outside. It may be certain floor tiles, or a colour scheme for example. It works well to keep a theme going throughout a property and shows planning and design.

Large features: If you’re thinking about having larger features in your garden, a pond for instance, have these in mind before the work begins and plan them in advance. When certain work is being carried out, you could utilise the tools and resources while they are already there. It doesn’t make sense to pay for two people to visit your home or to hire tools twice – if tasks can be grouped together, utilise it.

Storage: Think about what storage options you may need within your garden. This can be incorporated into your design and be made into a feature if possible. All the tools you’ll need to maintain your newly laid landscape will also be need to kept somewhere! If you’re building from scratch you could build onto the property or create a dedicated space for garden paraphernalia.

Everyone’s ideas and dreams are different. You may have moved into a property where the previous owners had put a lot of time and effort into designing their own perfect garden but if it’s not to your taste, you’ll want to make changes. This doesn’t matter, to achieve your own dream garden gives great satisfaction and contentment. Some like simple and easy-to-manage gardens, while others enjoy a more mature, tree/plant filled landscape. Whatever your choices are, create something that will make you happy and that you can enjoy for years to come and where you can spend days and evening in.

What could be more rewarding than designing your own landscape and then enjoying that design when it’s all completed? You will appreciate it so much more if you’ve had input into the design. Even if you’ve not completed the work yourself, knowing that you’ve had input in creating it, will make you love it more.

We look forward to hearing of your landscaping stories or experiences. Happy gardening!



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