Only My Share – Helping to protect tenants in shared property.

Only My Share – Helping to protect tenants in shared property.

Are you renting, or looking to rent, a shared property? Whether it’s a house of students or professionals, sharing a tenancy agreement can bring risk when it comes to rent payments. If one of your housemates falls behind with their rent, then the rest of the tenants under that agreement are equally liable to pay for that rent. You could be taken to court if your obligations are not made.

Only My Share can stand in your place as a guarantor for rent arrears that another tenant has run up, giving you piece of mind. This can be a massive relief knowing that you or your guarantor will only be liable for YOUR rent, and not any arrears that your housemates have racked up.

Karen, Parent/Guarantor

“Only my share offer parents peace of mind knowing that they only have to pay their sons/daughters share. Unfortunately for my son one of his flat mates did not pay and I received a demand saying I was liable as well, I was horrified, we could not afford more money. I filled in the claim form online with only my share, got a lovely email from Alan who told me not to worry and only my share would take over the case, relief. Within two days Alan had got the arrears paid. Alan kept me informed with excellent communications.

Only my share take all the worries and stress out of being a guarantor for your sons/daughters letting houses with uni friends.
Excellent service and communications, I would recommend all parents use this service.
Thank you Only my share”


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