Selling Your Home: How To Attract Buyers

Selling Your Home: How To Attract Buyers

Attracting buyers is the first step in selling a property – actually getting buyers through the door is the beginning part of the process and is important for a sale to be successful. The more people you can attract, the better chance there is of your property selling at the price you want to achieve.

There’s common belief that more sales happen when the good weather comes, however you can sell your home at any time of year – and now is the perfect time of year to be on the market, ready for someone to move in to their new home just as the weather gets better!

The first part of the year is usually about people making new decisions, new resolutions and life-changing choices, including moving home or buying a first home. So it’s a great time to get in front of their decisions and be there ready to catch the people that are searching.

What secrets can you discover to attract more buyers and sell your home fast?

Good photography

Good photos sell, bad photos do not! Therefore, it’s vital that the images taken to market your property need to be professional and inviting. A good estate agent will have a photographer to take photos, who knows how to stage your home in a way that sells your home well. Badly lit photos or photos that do not show good points of the property will not help in getting buyers through the door. Photography can be good at making a property look bigger than it actually is, lighter than it is, more appealing than it is – the idea behind that is to get people in to view. Once they’re in, you can do as much as possible to make it homely and appealing.

Outside space

At the start of the year it can be hard to make your outside space look inviting or appealing. Start with ensuring that the garden is tidy and looks like it has been well loved (even if it’s winter!). Tidy the lawns and borders and pack everything away into the shed that’s not needed at this time of year.

Another great tip could be to display photos of the garden inside your home, if you have any, to show what your garden looks like in the summer months.

Be friendly

When potential buyers come into your home, be friendly! You could offer a cup of tea or let them know that you are happy to answer any questions they have. That way, you are breaking down any preconceived barriers before the viewing begins. Communicating well from the beginning helps in the trust factor and providing a ‘good vibe’ in the home.

Even having a cake in the oven or toast on the go can make a place feel and smell like home!

Use mirrors

If your home is on the smaller size, you can make use of mirrors to brighten and open up your property. Mirrors can give the appearance of space and feeling bigger. Even if your property isn’t small, mirrors can create light and space.

Feel the warmth

Before anyone comes through the door, you need to ensure that the property feels warm. If your home is cold and uninviting, your buyers may be put off so to prevent that happening, put the heating on, light the fire, whatever you need to do make your viewers feel comfortable and cosy.

Don’t neglect the curb appeal

When potential buyers drive past your home to take an initial look, or they come to have their first look around the property, your home needs to look inviting before they even walk through the front door. This is called the curb appeal – will they just drive by or will they want to come in? If it’s the winter months, you could decorate the front entrance with a festive wreath or some greenery – don’t go overboard, but enough just to show you care about out your property. Ensure that the front of the house looks clean, neat and tidy and well looked after.

Check the marketing content

Although it will usually be down to your estate agent to write the advert copy for your property, you need to ensure that everything is correct and truthful. By over embellishing in an advert, potential buyers can feel disappointed or let down if they find things not to be as led to believe. If the property doesn’t have distinctive selling points, use the local community, schools or area instead. What’s nearby, what catchments are you in? These are often as good a selling point as anything inside a home.

Price your home right

Creating the right selling price for your property is extremely important. Starting at a price which is too high will detract buyers from even considering taking a look around, even if your intention was to be able to drop down a little. Starting at a price which is too low may attract lots of interest but not necessarily give you the return on investment that you require, leaving you short of funds for your next purchase. Using an estate agent that understands your local area and has experience in valuing a property can provide expertise on pricing it correctly and attracting the right buyers.

Use the experts

While selling your home yourself may seem a cost saving exercise, it can result in less viewings, less opportunities and not selling as quickly as you’d like. Estate agents have the resources to be able to market to an audience who are already looking for your type of property. They have the means to market your property well and multiple times throughout the selling period. Don’t forget that they will also know your area and community well, being able to advise potential buyers of town knowledge and history.

Having an estate agent to accompany viewings can put the buyers at ease and enable them to feel more comfortable asking questions or pointing out concerns. If a homeowner is performing the viewings, there may not be a chance for feedback or to understand what buyers are feeling as they walk around the property.

If you’re struggling with selling your home or you’re just in the considering stages of selling, we’d love the opportunity to help you get your property noticed and get the right buyers through the door. Get in touch for more info!


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