Should I Move House? Questions To Ask Yourself

Should I Move House? Questions To Ask Yourself

How do you know when you’re ready to move house? Are you getting itchy feet, or perhaps seen a property that you’ve fallen in love with?

The chances are that as we move through life, we find ourselves faced with opportunities to move home but the decision to act upon these can sometimes be a hard one.

If the decision has been well thought through and all sides considered, moving home can have great advantages that can change lives and have positive impacts on families. But being sure about moving home is necessary in order for it to be a successful move.

Here at Clarkes we love helping people make the right decisions and moving to a home that is perfect in every way. In order to acheive that sometimes we have to ask ourselves the questions of what we like and dislike about our current situations, and then we can discover what we are truly looking for in a home.

What will you miss?

This may sound like a strange question to ask first but perhaps the most important. Do you have a sentimental attachment to your home? Are there parts in and around your property that you will really miss if you move out? Is there something that compels you to want to stay? Can you make a list of all the things that you love about your home and the neighbourhood and reflect on these to see whether you will be missing too much.

Do you love your community?

Are you in a community or area where you have family or close friends? Is this area close to your heart and where your focus is? Will you miss anything from it if you move away?

Being involved in a local community can draw you closer to people’s lives and sometimes this is hard to come away from. Could you manage if you were not involved in this?

Has your home become too small?

This is one of the most common reasons for moving house and often people don’t realise the need until it’s too late! Families learn to live in the space that they have and make use of what’s around them in order to facilitate the size of their family. Have you noticed more and more storage boxes piling up? Are children starting to fight as they grow too big to share a bedroom? If you can answer yes to these, it may be time to think seriously about moving on.

Can you commute to work?

If you move house what will the commute to work be like? Will your journey be better or worse if you move from the area that you are currently in? Perhaps you’re considering your move as part of your career or work opportunity – will a house move impact your work or business?

What do you not like about your current situation?

Are you restless in your circumstances? Perhaps a work situation, perhaps a relationship breakdown, or perhaps family has flown the nest – when we go through situations, often we get a sense of restlessness that makes us realise the need for change. This can be a positive thing and embracing the changes can help our lives move in different directions that we weren’t expecting. Moving home can help facilitate that!


Do you feel safe in your community or is this a reason to consider moving? As people get older it’s harder to do the things they used to and feeling safe can become part of that equation.

The safety of a property may make you want to move closer to family or friends or be in a different neighbourhood where you are more familiar and have memories.

The time for change can also come when there is a need to look into retirement properties or warden-assisted homes. This can come down to safety or self-care and the need for help.

Have you considered the practicalities?

The practicalities are just as important as the feelings and understanding your finances and whether you can afford to move will need to factored into the decision.

How much will it cost? Do you have funds to pay for the extras associated with moving, conveyancing, surveys, removal, work that may need to be done?

Also, there are other practicalities like moving schools, moving away from family, being able to afford in a new area, being able to get to amenities as well as the strain it all may bring to other family members.

Coming to a clear answer to all these questions can help decide whether moving home is the right decision for you. Be positive in your thinking and know that there are always options in front of you whether selling or buying a home.

If you’re considering selling your home but haven’t come to that overall decision, it’s worth speaking to an estate agent who can help answer the questions for you and guide you in what might be best for you and your family.

Here at Clarkes, we are a friendly and professional team who want to help you make the right decision when moving home – helping you find the perfect place to live. If you’d like someone to speak to, feel free to get in touch, we’d love to help.



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