Top Reasons Why People Move Home

Top Reasons Why People Move Home

If you’re in the process of moving home, you are not alone. There are thousands of people moving home across the country every single day, all of which are for a variety of reasons. Families play a big part in reasons for moving home, some may be leaving home, some travelling or emigrating or others simply wanting to move to be closer to loved ones. Some families may just want a change of scenery and a chance to make a new life in a different part of the country.

Research has shown that there is a link between ages and reasons for moving home, seeing 18-24 year olds more likely to move home to advance their career, whereas 25-34 year olds are more likely to move home to accommodate the expansion of family as well as wanting their family to be a nicer area.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these reasons:

Job Changes
The top and most common reason for people moving home is due to work situations. Relocating for a new job in another town or city is pretty common practice. But so is moving home to be closer to work and avoid long commutes and travel times. The desire for a better work/life balance means that people want to spend more time with family and less time in the office or on the road. Therefore, living closer to work is the perfect solution.

Need more space
Once first time buyers are on the property ladder, after a while it may be time to need more space. A starter home was affordable and sufficed for a while but after time, this may not be adequate any longer.

Other reasons please need more space is for growing families or elderly relatives that require looking after – all of which have a need for more living space. Starting a family or extending the family can mean that moving home will provide a better style of living for the whole family.

As well as the need for more space, often couples that have had family grown up and leave the nest have a need to downsize. Over time larger families no longer require the amount of space in a large property and therefore look to find a smaller home which will suit their current needs. This can be then become a home to retire in or to settle in later on in life.

Better schools
Another top reason for people moving homes is due to school location. A popular school will require that a family lives within their catchment area in order to be granted a place. If you’re looking to get your child into a certain school that is over-subscribed or extremely popular, it may be worth looking into moving closer to the school to be in with a chance of a place.

Over time, circumstances change, as well as relationships change. This may mean that two people have their own property which they want to sell in order to buy a new one together. Also, if families break down and the house is jointly owned, the property may need to be sold in order to split the finances.

Whatever the reason for moving home, there are more and more people choosing to do it every day and most of those will be searching online to find their next ideal property. We at Clarkes are here to support everyone who decides that they want to sell their home and move property. We have a great team who will help and advise in each part of the process and are happy to sit down with you to discuss your options. Never feel alone when it comes to moving home – we’re an estate agent that you can rely on. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.



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