Bournemouth Facts – Did you know ?

Bournemouth Facts – Did you know ?

We love living and working in Bournemouth, from the fantastic weather we get (usually!) on the south coast to the variety of scenery we have right on our doorstep. Have a look at these facts about Bournemouth, there are definitely some in here we didn’t know!

Bournemouth’s beach voted the best in the UK, for the second year in a row!

No prizes for guessing this one, but our beach is the best in the kingdom!

On average 750,000 ice creams a year are bought on the seven miles of Bournemouth seafront.

The beaches provide their own unique business opportunities and industry, that’s a lot of ice cream !

J.R.R Tolkein, the famous writer, visited Bournemouth often and eventually moved here.

Tolkein liked staying at the same hotel and enjoyed it so much he moved to Westbourne.

7.7 Hours of summer sunshine.

Bournemouth benefits from nearly 8 hours of sunshine in the summer, just amazing!

The Beatles loved it in Bournemouth as much as we do.

They played concerts in Bournemouth more than any other UK Town.


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