Important Notice for Tenants

Important Notice for Tenants

These are important instructions to help you meet your obligations under the Tenancy Agreement

Mould is BAD ….for you …. the property ….and your deposit!

Damp is very often misunderstood and misdiagnosed and can lead to frustration and bad feeling between Landlords and Tenants when it isn’t dealt with properly. We’re here to help. It’s important to learn and understand a bit more about damp. However in short, 99% of the time

  • White mould & crystals means damp from the external walls of the property
  • Black mould means condensation damp from inside the property
  • Brown staining means a leak

Students produce a lot of condensation and if you don’t get it out of the property that condensation will produce mould. THESE ARE SPECIFIC HOUSE RULES FOR ALL STUDENTS which will protect you and your property and your deposit.

  1. When cooking keep the kitchen door closed and windows open until the room is fully ventilated – only then, open the door.
  2. When using the shower keep the door closed and light/extractor on and window open – keep the light on and door closed for at least 30 minutes if not longer after you have finished in the bathroom. Only leave the door open after it is fully ventilated.
  3. Only use the tumble drier or outside line to dry clothes and towels. DO NOT dry towels and clothes over the radiator.
  4. Keep the room temperature at a minimum 18 degrees C to avoid cold spots (which are condensation magnets), use electric heaters near cold spots to warm them up.
  5. If condensation does settle on a cold spot and black mould grows then kill it off with Anti Mould spray.


To find out more about condensation and how to get rid of it have a look at this video

How to cure mould & stop condensation


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