Landlords, Prepare Your Property With Confidence

Landlords, Prepare Your Property With Confidence

Are you a landlord with a property to let? Are you new to letting and looking for advice to ensure the perfect let?

Whether you are a newbie or not, it’s important to realise that each property is individual and has its own letting potential. Being confident in how you plan and prepare your property will have an impact of the final result and whether you are able to let the property easily or not.

There are lots of factors to consider when letting a property and making yours stand out from the crowd is the ultimate goal.

Most good tenants are looking for the best property that fits in with their budget. They will consider location, size of the home and how it feels and fits to them when they walk around the property. Often a tenant will know as soon as they walk through the door whether they can see themselves living there and you will be able to gauge a reaction from their first visit. If the property is in a particularly popular area and is well maintained, you may even find yourself with a waiting list of people looking to rent out the home!

Here are some ideas on what to start with when preparing your property to let for the best results:

1) Ensure that the property is freshly decorated to a neutral colour that is light and refreshing. Avoid heavy and bright colours, this does not suit every taste and may deter some people. A neutral colour suits all.

2) Fit curtains and light shades throughout the property to match the decor which will help anyone when first moving in, meaning they will not have to worry about putting up curtains on their moving in day.

3) Check the light bulbs are working and are cost effective, eco friendly bulbs.

4) If you’re letting during the winter months, keep the heating on to ensure the property feels warm and cosy when people are viewing. A cold property may not feel like a loved property.

5) Take time to clear and tidy up the garden. If you are letting to families, this will be an important and maybe deciding factor on whether they can see themselves living there. If the garden is overrun, cut back hedges and cut the grass to give a clear picture of the true size, allowing families an idea of what space they have.

6) Check all maintenance issues along with the outside space, ensuring that windows and guttering are all up to standard. This will also include the boiler and water works. Tenancy agreements include an annual gas safety check so you will need to have this ready before a tenant moves in.

7) If you are letting a furnished property, ensure that all furniture meets fire safety regulations. Many tenants expect white goods to be part of the letting agreement which means these also need to be the right standards. This will not be important to others and will be happy to bring their own with them. Discuss this option with the tenant when a let is agreed.

At the end of the day, you are looking for your property to stand out and be the WOW factor that new tenants are looking for. If you achieve this, you will not have a problem renting out a property.

When you are prepared and ready to put your property up for rent, instructing an agent that has experience and knowledge of the local area is a great place to get started. They will relieve you from many of the practical aspects of renting the property, ensuring you with peace of mind that your home is in good hands and rented out to respectable tenants.

A letting agent will find the tenants for you, advertising the property and showing them around. Once they have found the tenants, they will then do the credit and reference checks along with collecting the deposit, drawing up a rental agreement and creating an inventory.

Letting through an agent has lots of great benefits along with relieving you from the hard work, knowing that your rental income will be sent to you each month.

Preparing a property to let can be a challenge but it can also be enjoyable! If you’ve got a property that you’re thinking about renting out, we’d love to chat with you to see how we can help make the process even easier. Get in touch today!



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